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Classic Multimap Error


It is just that STL code seems to run faster. Note that the inline function func might not be expanded when called in an initialization expression of static variables, it could still be inlined in other places. When taking passengers, what should I do to prepare them? If the code uses large macros extensively, a function that looks small might become very large after macro expansion.

When do I need to use -I and -L options? Newer versions and current patches to older compilers ensure that the lock is released no matter how the compiler exits. It worked in Sun Studio 8. I have seen enormous compile times with compiler versions 5.0 and version 5.1 (compared to 4.2). http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8013216/how-insert-pair-into-multimap-with-one-of-the-types-being-abstract


The unqualified name lookup cannot match a template declaration even if one were visible at the point of the friend declaration. If the function is too large, the parser emits a warning only when you use the +w2 option. More generally, does a multiprocessor (MP) system always have better compile-time performance? For example: #include extern int x; double z1 = sin(x); // now ambiguous double z2 = sin( (double)x ); // OK float z3 = sin( (float)x ); // OK long

It turns Boost makes it very hard for someone to convert or assign a raw C++ pointer to a Boost shared_ptr object. The new Solaris headers and library have overloads for types float and long double as well. The C and Fortran compilers have only optimization inlining. (The same code generator is used for all compilers on a platform.) The C++ compiler's parser attempts to expand inline any function The presence of two sets of iostream objects connected to the same file descriptors cause problems.

An integer value can be converted to any of the floating-point types, and neither conversion is preferred over the others. Createfilemapping If you don't have enough memory, the optimization phase can cause thrashing. Meaning of Guns and ghee Modern soldiers carry axes instead of combat knives. It's not possible to comment much more on the small portion of code you've posted, but you should be looking at the code that decides when to map/unmap as what you

We think this is happening because we trying a unmap a previouslu unmapped region. Least Common Multiple simple present for the future the way natives use it Does the verb 'to busy' require a reflexive pronoun? This limitation is our general recommendation. Should we change to single BOOST MultiIndex caches with multiple indices?


more... http://www.ccplusplus.com/2014/02/multimap-c.html Disabled feature: member template classes In class auto_ptr in : template class auto_ptr_ref{}; auto_ptr(auto_ptr(ref&); Disabled feature: overloading of function template arguments that are partial specializations In , , , Closehandle I need the C++ standard template library (STL). Warning: The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function.

More generally, does a multiprocessor (MP) system always have better compile-time performance? Generate object files directly into the final directory. I may be incorrect, but it would explain the error. Perhaps , we aren't using the BOOST container class correctly.

Is there a good way to get from Levoča to Lviv? For special cases, please consult with technical support to learn about the internal options that raise or lower this size limitation. [email protected] error in exposure assessment is unavoidable. The method is useful for applications that run for a very long time under tight performance constraints and low system sharing.

What causes this message: "SunWS_cache: Error: Lock attempt failed for

The +d option prevents the parser from attempting to inline any function. In those cases, only a few levels of calls are expanded. Recent updates of Solaris headers and libraries now comply with the C++ standard regarding math functions.

Then, everytime before we call UnMapViewOfFile(TmpPrevMapPtr) we can checked if that if that pointer has alreday been unmapped before.

New math functions available in recent Solaris versions can cause previously valid code to become invalid. Where do I get it? You can also write a pseudo-program and compile it with -E (or the equivalent for other compilers). Is there one for compatibility mode (-compat)?

The Woz Monitor Exporting an animation as a gif file Plot of the image of a circle by some functions Why don't most major game engines use gifs for animated textures? Why did this happen and is there a workaround? We conclude that modern exposure assessment should not only aim to be as accurate and precise as possible, but should also provide a model of the remaining measurement errors with clear Refer to the C++ User's Guide section titled "Template Definitions Searching" for details.