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Clearcase Error Creating View Attempt To Get Location Information

Ill be coming back to your b... Zero Emission Warfare Cryptic Cryptography I'm about to automate myself out of a job. This is true for the linked elements case as well. Back to the INDEX. news

Start and or set to the old view Note: Ensure all VOBs referenced by this view are mounted; otherwise, you will receive VOB not Mounted... Back to the INDEX. Back to the INDEX. Answer The decision was made by Product Management to exclude the resolution of this enhancement request from future upgrades and releases due to the significant architectural changes required to implement the https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=176501

Back to the INDEX. If not, you may need to change to a different view or create your own. Do Not Reset Config Spec If selected, the dynamic view's config spec won't be changed, regardless of whether it matches the config spec specified in the job configuration.

[email protected]@ [eclipsed by checkout] cleartool: Error: Can't create object with group (GID) that is not in the VOB's group list. A.On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 9:07 AM, Andy_orl <[hidden email]> wrote: Yes, the user has permission to create a view. If credmap doesn't give the required information, it will be necessary to log into the server and cd to the viewstore and check the permsissions manually. Type manager "text_file_delta" failed create_version operation.

This verifies their username and password. 2) Run "nfs register unix-username" so that NFS Maestro has the permission/ability to mount the server's exported drives on the user's behalf. How do I regenerate or replacing view storage files ClearCase view files in the view storage area can be regenerated or replaced if problems occur with a view. Run cleartool lsprivate -do | view_scrubber -p This promotes ALL DOs to the VOB. https://java.net/projects/hudson/lists/users/archive/2009-07/message/1470 There is no known script to use on Windows currently.

Removed references to view "E:\hudson\jobs\job_name\workspace\view_name" from VOB "\MY_PVOB". To rename an element, use the CC equivalent: # ct mv oldname newname Back to the INDEX. cleartool: Error: Unable to remove the snapshot view directory. An internal error occurred during: "Retrieve properties from server".

I have faced this problem in windows when i try to create view tag for linux view. Note: The default (and minimum) time-out for the snapshot view server processes using the variable is 2 hours and 10 minutes (7800 seconds). The error message is telling you that the lost+found directory in the original VOB has elements in it. Loading "/3d/a/b.tar" (32051200 bytes).

This message only occurs if trying to remove the view-private file via Windows. http://entrelinks.com/clearcase-error/clearcase-error-codes.php clearaudit: Error: No current view I also can't put the workspace directory on the drive mapped to the view I'm interested in otherwise I will get the following error. Error when creating snapshot view in windows » Back to List Archive Chronological | Threaded « Previous Message Next » « Previous Thread Next » From: Andy_orl To: [email protected] Also, check the permissions on the parent directory and ensure that the group has read-write privileges.

Regards, Kristijan SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 47290 Posts Re:Cleartool: Error: Attempt to get location information on "(some unc path)" failed : Invalid Argument ‏2007-09-21T12:33:33Z This is the accepted answer. Making dir "/a/b". exit code=1 The problem is that the storage location for the view is not a required parameter. http://entrelinks.com/clearcase-error/clearcase-error-creating-component.php cleartool: Error: Set configuration spec of /usr/atria/default_config_spec failed: no configuration specification set cleartool: Error: Unable to create view "/".

However, I agree there is a lack of documentation about it on the wiki, and the usability around these different options could be improved. IDispatch error #13273 IDispatch error #18005 A CException occurred, but no details are available. Note: The Unified Change Management (UCM) process provides a more complete solution for organizing software development teams and has replaced all of the view profile functionality.

Not VOB owner.

These files will exist in a directory that is currently (or was) in use as a view storage directory. cleartool: Error: E:\hudson\jobs\job_name\workspace\view_name\view_root_dir\path\to\some\file.extension: Permission denied ... [email protected]@ [no version selected] element: No such file or directory These can occur when your view's config_spec fails to select any version of a particular element. Resolving the problem Define a global path for the registered view stgloc.

Maybe the SCM plugin could allow the user to either use the lshistory option or diffbl? Cannot run regedit This is an error you receive on Windows when a software package, such as clearhomebase.ccreg, is executed. And as another note, when I press the same button on a project NOT contained in a VOB, I get no error message and it states the element is not in click site Change the rules in your config_spec so that that particular version is selected whether it's checkedout or not.

Host-local path: host1:/home/jdoe/test.vws Global path: /net/host1/home/jdoe/test.vws It has the following rights: User : jdoe : rwx Group: ccusers : r-x Other: : r-x 1. The SCM also supports polling, so it can start a build when changes are detected on the branch or stream specified in the job configuration. I did find some references to the error message here and here, but neither seems applicable to my situation (I'm not using UNIX and ClearCase Doctor doesn't give me the relevant The data is invalid.

mvfs: ERROR: ... In addition, the solutions may not be the only solution, but the one that was used at the time. Changing ownership of a view requires modification of both the view file system objects and the view database entries to reflect desired ownership. Host-local path: ccvobsvr1:\\NAS_svr\vob Global path: \\NAS_svr\vob C:\>cleartool lsstgloc -long Name: NAS_stgloc Type: Vob Region: clearcase_region Storage Location uuid: fb3544ab.9d7c47e3.b097.25:49:20:a6:bd:ee Global path: \\NAS_svr\vob Server host: ccvobsvr1 Server host path: \\NAS_svr\vob

Any body solves it will very useful for me.