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Cleartool Error Unable Find A Registry Entry For Vob Uuid


mvfs: error in the configuration specification for view view-tag ./element: I/O error These errors occur if the view's config_spec has a rule that selects more than one version; the first during And since then I have this trouble. Back to the INDEX. What are these? have a peek at this web-site

How do I – understand about View Profiles About View Profiles Base ClearCase includes a set of deprecated features called view profiles, which you can use to automate much of the IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide WebSphere Blog Recent Articles All Articles WebSphere Categories WebSphere Consultant WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Message Broker In January 2013, I was awarded the prestigous 'IBM Champion' accolade. Exit value was 3. Source

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Why does the view hang onto them? If, on the other hand, you are working in a shared branch or UCM stream, and checking could impact your colleague's work, run the following commands to undo all checkouts, keeping The relocate command does not work on view-private files and will error out if encountering one when it builds its list. cleartool: Error: Cannot get view info for current view: Invalid argument.

cleartool: Error: Unable to rebase stream "". The data container is now a view-private file that must/can be deleted with a regular rm (or del). A: These are files that were removed when another process still had them open. Clearcase Remove Checkout From Deleted View Back to the INDEX.

This error showed up when attempting a clearimport as a regular user on Windows client connected to a UNIX server. Cleartool Rmview Back to the INDEX. In the second case, the rmdo command has removed the UNIX reference to the DO but left the CC view-private reference to it intact. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21123967 Default: None.

This daemon returns information to the querying PC about exported drives, groups, and other such info. Cleartool Rmtag This error is most likely caused by an albd user or permission problem or clearcase group problem. Under "Log on", ensure the clearcase_albd user is correct (DOMAIN\username) and that the password is correct. The memory could not be "read".

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However, it can't in the case of the CHECKEDOUT file because the view-private version of that file is eclipsing it. http://www.webspheretools.com/sites/webspheretools.nsf/docs/How%20to%20remove%20a%20ClearCase%20view Enter the path the Windows share where the view profiles will be stored. 5. Clearcase Remove View element * ...\integration\LATEST element * REL1 -mkbranch integration element * \main\0 -mkbranch integration # CC_PROJECT] · Why do I see the following error starting my view? Cleartool: Error: Unable To Remove View This says that you don't have the proper permissions to edit the Windows registry.

view needs reformat mvfs: ERROR: VIEW = view-tag VOB = vob-tag - ClearCase view error A view usually only needs a reformat if the version of CC has been upgraded. Does it break the view or cause problems with the view database? cmd-contextlsvob -long \src (find the VOB replica uuid) Tag: \src Global path: \\neptune\vbstore\src. . . . Back to the INDEX. Cleartool List Views

How do I - restore a view-private file from backup Say for example one of the files in a view becomes corrupt (due to a power outage or other catastrophe), how CD into each VOB and run this command: Windows: for /F %x in ('cleartool lsco -all -cview') do cleartool unco -keep "%x" UNIX/Linux: cleartool lsco -all -cview | xargs -i cleartool Back to the INDEX. With the -vobstorage or -viewstorage option, unregister removes the entry for a VOB or view storage location from the ClearCase registry.

If not, call tech support. # ct recoverview -tag view-tag WARNING: Recoverview uses reformatview. Cleartool Lsview I already tried using a different workspace but with no effect. ClearCase Errors F Simple, case-insensitive, site-wide, search (your browser must allow scripts to run): NOTE: There may be more causes for the errors than the ones listed.

A subsequent checkin will simply create a new version via a merge with whatever the LATEST version was and the view will go back to selecting the old version it was

The View Profile Tree can be reset via ClearCase Home Base -> Administration -> Control Panel -> Options. Unable to open file "/tmp9999.pmt": permission denied This error message shows up anytime CC tries to write a file to the directory pointed to by the environment variable TMP. Both of these errors are the result of more than one user attempting to create a View Profile using the same View Profile Tree. Clearcase Remove View Storage Directory The process is as follows: 1.

Run cleartool register -view .vws Create a new tag for the view. Is there anything more information in the  build logs? This is a known bug with NFS Maestro and is not fixed in the latest version 6.1. What is puzzling is lack of information in error logs and clearcase logs.

If permissions on the parent directory and the view storage area seem ok, the view-private file may just have been inadvertently deleted. An empire to last a hundred centuries Noun for people/employees/coworkers who tend to say "it's not my job" when asked to do something slightly beyond their norm? The only downside to local groups is that they are difficult to administer en masse in the future. Browse through the numbered directories, searching for the view-private file.

It's true - this VOB uuid does not exists - but I don't know why he trys this ID. If it is limited to a specific stream, do a: cleartool descr -l stream:[email protected]\aPVob Compare its output to the same command for another Stream (which works), in order to check if How do I - rename a ClearCase View To completely rename a ClearCase View requires that both the storage and the tag be renamed. How do I – understand about the Active flag for dynamic and shapshot views ClearCase checks the viewroot directory, typically /view on UNIX® and Linux® and the MVFS drive (by default

Check the following: 1) Ensure the user can telnet into the UNIX server from the client. Run mvfsstorage Example: M:\test_view\my_test_vob>cleartool ls [email protected]@\main\1 Rule: \main\LATEST test.txt M:\test_view\my_test_vob>mvfsstorage test.txt E:\ClearCase_Storage\views\user1\test_view.vws\.s\00010\80000019422db43btest.txt Note: The mvfsstorage command resides in the /etc directory on UNIX and Linux and must be run from cleartool: Error: \\host1\ccstg_e\views\test.vws is not a view: No such file or directory cleartool: Error: Attempt to get location information about "\\host1\ccstg_e\views\test.vws" failed: ClearCase object not found.
In both cases, Random errors will be encountered when trying to access this file from the VOB mount point where it was winked in.

Greetings, Simon Comments Simon Eickel commented Oct 19 '12, 10:05 a.m. | edited Oct 22 '12, 11:41 a.m. Do COB LEDs usually need electrically insulating from the heatsink? Refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Administrator's Guide for more information on View Administration. The View Profile Tree is simply a path to where View Profiles are stored and can be anywhere the user chooses.

mv: cannot rename element: Read-only file system. Back to the INDEX. The same procedure can be done for copies of checked out files the become corrupt or deleted. 1. Example -r-S------ uid -r----s--- gid -r----s--- group.123 If these do not look like this do a unix chmod: chmod 4400 uid chmod 2410 gid group.123 Note: All these files are owned