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PI45519 Problem: A locked IBM ClearCase pvob can cause "rebase -comp" to fail. cleartool: Error: Unable to proceed. After that I started to test on VMs –Jonas Apr 5 at 13:42 Genrally, I start by a fix_prot on the view and/or on the vob, to make sure Fix: The Change Management Integration (CMI) will now allow multiple activities on the same stream to be associated with an RTC Work Item or ClearQuest record.

APAR PK64310 RATLC01248285 %set not interpreted correctly in build script of config record Technote 1328265 APAR PK71394 RATLC01034153 Blue Screen when comparing with previous version when Entrust Group Share 1.0 or I get your exact error, and it may be related to APAR PI22822, which was fixed back in –Brian Cowan Apr 7 at 19:59 Note: Files with CONTENTS Diagnosing the problem Diagnosing Symptom 2: Using a tool such as Process Monitor (procmon) to monitor the view server will expose the problem where the albd user is unable to open Cause In general, this problem is due to the view_server process not having read access on the source pools of the VOB storage directory.

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Fix: When performing a checkout in a dynamic view and the view-selected version is not the latest on the branch, the user is now allowed to choose whether to checkout the If so, be prepared to describe the workaround. Technote 1314011 APAR PK40695 RATLC01277043 Performance degradation seen in build times between ClearCase 2003.06 and 7.x APAR PK77527 RATLC01058316 Clearmake GNU-compat doesn't support \# as an escaped # in macros RFE So UIDs and GIDs are set the same on server and client.

PK75620 RATLC01274856 Evil twins generated in CC and VS .NET Integration. PI19022 Problem: The ClearCase cleartool relocate command may stop processing with a bus error or segmentation fault under certain scenarios where attributes are placed on other meta data types. Fix: MVFS now notifies cache manager appropriately when changing the file allocation information removing the race condition. Clearcase Version Control Tutorial PI63100 Problem: If the ClearCase MVFS logging severity level is increased to "stale" on a Solaris 10 or 11 system running IBM Rational ClearCase, the occurrence of an NFS ESTALE error

Fix: On Windows, in case sensitive mode (not the common default which is case insensitive) the case preserving flag is now set correctly so names keep the case they were entered Clearcase Version History Fix:This issue with IBM Rational ClearCase MVFS has been resolved. Fix: The MVFS initialization code has been updated to work correctly on Solaris 11 update 3. PI29042 Problem: If you have checked out a file in IBM Rational ClearCase and then opened the Version Tree Browser, you may find that the contents of the file are zeroed

Fix: The correct element type is now detected and used. Clearcase Version Selector drwxrwxrwx 4 root root 4096 Apr 1 14:09 .. And that check failed. Fix: A race condition in the ClearCase MVFS driver for Windows, which could allow an uninitialized pointer to be referenced, has been fixed.

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PI58916 Problem: When working in an IBM Rational ClearCase dynamic view, you may receive a Microsoft STOP error of BAD_POOL_HEADER (19). http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21146571 Cheers, Jonas ubuntu view permissions clearcase checkout share|improve this question asked Apr 5 at 12:34 Jonas 112 Is there any process keeping an handle to the resource you are Rational Clearcase Version With respect to MultiSite, this installation is designed for servers only. Clearcase Version 8 System Requirements PI19793 Problem: Users of ClearCase views exported from a Linux system may see an error when mounting or accessing the view using NFS4, due to a problem with the Linux NFS4

Workaround: These commands will succeed if they are invoked from a cmd shell that was started with the "Run as administrator" option. The error messages may also contain control characters in them. Example: %> fix_prot -r -chown -chgrp -chmod 775 %> fix_prot -root -chown -chgrp If the PI62956 Problem: In rare circumstances, when using an IBM ClearCase VOB with ACLs enabled, a heavily loaded view server process may crash due to invalid references to memory that has been Clearcase Version Selection Rules

Note that the actual 2 GB limitation value may vary slightly based upon your OS platform. PK84237 Fixed in version RATLC01355155 Exec of 'clearviewupdate' failed with error 740 Fixed in versions,, and RATLC01371195 The Merge Manager cannot save healthy .mrgman files if the APAR " TARGET="_blank">PK60940 RATLC01046445 During the installation of the Rational Web Platform (RWP) on Linux, the IHS script deletes the /opt/ibm directory and anything in it. PI43802 Problem: IBM Rational ClearCase audited builds in dynamic views may cause Solaris 11 systems to crash.

PI59905 Problem: IBM ClearCase cleartool commands using "-fmt %[dstreams]Xp" may overflow its output buffer. Clearcase Version Tree For more information on type managers or cleartool chtype, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man type_managers | chtype from command line. Fix: The MVFS case insensitive flag is now used when handling mounted VOB tags in automatic views on Windows.

Fix: This fix causes the oplogs to be replayed properly at sibling replicas.

Fix: IBM Rational ClearCase was modified to avoid the runtime error. PI48197 Problem: In IBM Rational ClearCase, when creating an integration view from the "join project" dialogue in ClearTeam Explorer, the "Finish" button is greyed out. PI08318 Problem: Under some circumstances, error messages from the IBM Rational ClearCase/Cadence integration may be displayed a character(s) at a time, and the error messages may be broken up across multiple Clearcase Version Tree Command drwxrwxr-x 5 ccadm ccusers 4096 Apr 4 11:39 ccadm.dv.vws ClearCase version: [email protected]:~$ ct -ver ClearCase version (Fri Sep 20 16:09:14 EDT 2013) ( ClearCase version (Wed Dec 11 16:09:14

APAR PK60940 RATLC01046445 During the installation of the Rational Web Platform (RWP) on Linux, the IHS script deletes the /opt/ibm directory and anything in it. And I'm using PI44916 Problem: When building using IBM Rational ClearCase dynamic views, build output may be corrupted if the MVFS is configured to use the Windows cache manager. PI29895 Problem: When working in IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) Extension integrated with Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition(RSA RTE), you may find that the model is not refreshed after you cancel

If the backups aren't done properly, you are putting your data at risk! PI58916 Problem: When working in an IBM Rational ClearCase dynamic view, you may receive a Microsoft STOP error of BAD_POOL_HEADER (19). PI55768 Problem: When using a tool such as kdiff to compare file differences between versions in two different ClearCase dynamic views on Microsoft Windows, the user may experience a Microsoft STOP Cause 2 Files added to a ClearCase VOB that have special characters in the file name, such as @@, cause the above error when starting the ClearCase Version Tree Browser (and

Fix: In the problem case, the "Finish" button can now be selected. Cause 2 The ClearCase Atria Location Broker (ALBD) account on Microsoft Windows has been locked out after ClearCase is started on this system, which is generally due to the password change Fix: The fix is to correctly recognize an internal MVFS structure and not use a NULL pointer from one of its fields. In the view server log the following entries can be found: 6/12/2007 11:53:26 AM view_server(4576): Error: view_server.exe(4576): Error: Unable to construct cleartext for object "0x3456" in VOB "ambw3r1a:E:\cc_s7p\vobs\infra\S7P_INFRA.vbs": error detected by

Fix: The Edit menu needed to have the copy/pate/cut/select_all enabled in the plugin/plugin.xml. Back to top Fix Pack 5 ( Link Date Released Status http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg24038187">Download 17 September 2014 Superseded APAR Description PI22822 Problem: When using IBM Rational ClearCase remote dynamic and remote NFS4 PI64629 Problem: IBM Rational ClearCase Explorer may become unresponsive if the server authentication expires and the user has the preferences set to store and reuse the login credentials. Important: For the ClearCase Add-In to work with ClearCase, ClearCase has to be correctly set up.

M:\admin_vu\vob1>cleartool ci -nc myfile.txt text_file_delta: Error: Trouble accessing file "\\host1\vob_data\my_vob1.vbs\s\sdft\7\d\tmp_5801.1": File too large cleartool: Error: Type manager "text_file_delta" failed create_version operation. A developer working on a specific project or release must work in a view that is specific to that release. cleartool setcache -mvfs { ... Note: For the purposes of this technote, ClearCase Server is defined as a host storing VOBs.

Fix: The xterm path location on Linux is correctly used. Although a setting exists to allow web views to checkout the view selected version (Window > Preferences > IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer > Dialogs > Checkout > "Checkout the version that PI56714 Problem: After upgrade to update 3 of Solaris 11, starting IBM Rational ClearCase in any non-global zone on that system will cause a system crash.