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Cleartool Error Attempt To Get Location Information On

This error is associated with trying to remove or overwrite a view-private file via a Windows client when the actual data container has been deleted for some reason. If not, you may need to change to a different view or create your own. element [view-->vob hard link] Unable to load "...": unknown error in VOB. Does it break the view or cause problems with the view database? have a peek at this web-site

I.E. cleartool: Error: Operation "view_get_info" failed: Permission denied. Random errors will be encountered when trying to access this file from the VOB mount point where it was winked in. They show up as view private files when I run cleartool lsprivate in my dynamic view. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=176501

What aircraft would have these tail numbers? There are three basic levels to the permissions in a VOB. 1) VOB groups: do you belong to a group in the VOB's group list? # id # ct describe vob:. Another method to use involves winking the files into the new view. If you are on a CC system where checkout of a non-selected version does not generate these errors, you can see differing behavior WRT linked elements.

Is my workplace warning for texting my boss's private phone at night justified? exit code=1 java.io.IOException: cleartool did not return the expected exit code. Atlassian Eric J Ostrander's ClearCase / ClearQuest / Git/Stash "how to" pages. If there is more then one serial-number, there will only be one with a "Network" subfolder.

Error 0x3e9 trying to mount VOB"\vob_tag" The error is generated because the VOB that was removed is referenced in the view profile. These entries are completely harmless; however, be aware that you should not perform work within this context, and do not attempt to remove them manually. 3. This error has come up when executing a checkin with a Snapshot View and when doing a CC/DDTS integration. https://java.net/projects/hudson/lists/users/archive/2009-07/message/1470 Unable to open file "/tmp9999.pmt": permission denied ClearCase albd service did not start.

How do I - run du -sk in a ClearCase view reports wrong size on Linux If running du -sk on Linux in a ClearCase view the size reported will show This error occurs when you are trying to mount a VOB or start a view and CC complains that it can't find a VOB storage area on a drive letter that However, as part of the clearimport process, the elements get automatically checked in. Run cleartool endview Note: For ClearCase only, any host that has a dynamic view started with the old name after the rename has been completed will need to be rebooted

The only changes permitted fall in the middle of the config spec, as identified below: # [CC_PROJECT - ClearCase View Profile Information # Name Short science-fiction story about a guy stationed on a stranded planet and a Martian woman who accompanied him Do COB LEDs usually need electrically insulating from the heatsink? This registration of the user's password is unique to this user if the "Allow all users to see this installation." was used during the NFS Maestro install. Back to the INDEX.

The View Profile Tree is simply a path to where View Profiles are stored and can be anywhere the user chooses. http://entrelinks.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-error-unable-to-set-activity.php Unable to get VOB tag registry information for replica uuid "UUID": ClearCase object not found. Back to the INDEX. You can either copy the file to a vob-tag area, thus creating a view-private file or perhaps if not working on an explicit file, you need to just cd to a

EXAMPLE: The view config spec has the following label rule: prompt% cleartool catcs element * CHECKEDOUT element * RELEASE1 #element * /main/LATEST The output of a directory listing shows 2 elements Does this plugin need the clearcase environment configured in a certain way? element [eclipsed] This shows up when you do a "ct ls". Source Permission denied text_file_delta: Error: "file-path" is not a 'text file': it contains a line exceeding 8000 bytes.

The view UUID (Universally Unique ID) View kind: UCM view: -sumview Snapshot view: -snapshot Note: No -snapshot line item means the view is a dynamic view. Thanks! These errors occur when attempting to checkout a version of an element other than the one selected by a rule in a snapshot view config_spec.

If the view is local to Windows, there is no way to delete the view-private file from the VOB directory.

You will need to have administrative privileges to do that. The file contains the following data: The Host the view was created from. In another case, the first two errors occurred on a Windows box connecting to a UNIX server via NFS Maestro. Unable to get contents of directory ccweb-view-vob-path: permission denied Set activity operation failed in view.

cleartool: Error: Pathname is not within a VOB: "." Any ct commands that have to do with listing or manipulating elements must be done with a view set and inside a Finding a file starting with '-' dash Least Common Multiple How to make different social classes look quite different? By default, the permission of a view during view creation time is 775 (where the User and Group have read, write, and execute permissions). have a peek here If you want to control the view externally, don't use the SCM plugin.

In any case, one suggestion for the plugin would be to pipe the stdout and stderr streams from cleartool. hclnfsd_home=/usr/local/hclnfsd case "$1" in 'start') if [ -f $hclnfsd_home/hclnfsd ]; then echo "PC nfs daemon (hclnfsd) starting" $hclnfsd_home/hclnfsd -A -X else /usr/bin/echo "\n /etc/init.d/hclnfsd ERROR: cannot find PC nfs daemon $hclnfsd_home/hclnfsd NOTE: Credmap will not pass if the usernames on Windows and UNIX server are different. How do I understand about View Profiles About View Profiles Base ClearCase includes a set of deprecated features called view profiles, which you can use to automate much of the

This error showed up when attempting to start a previously working local view on Windows. Stop the view.