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While this command is running, access to the VOB will be limited. Go to the view container directory pointed to by the error and create an empty file with the same name. Thank you for your time . The Woz Monitor Is any necessary and sufficient criteria for a topological space to be compact using continuous functions? http://entrelinks.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-error-the-mount-over-directory-was-not-found.php

Regds Sakthidharan Vadakeypat Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, Awesomely simple, is creativity Charles Mingus. Respond Yes when prompted to "Delete it?". cleartool: Error: Invalid string value: string. This error occurs when you are trying to mount a VOB or start a view and CC complains that it can't find a VOB storage area on a drive letter that

Clearcase Cleartool Command Reference

How to map and sum a list fast? cleartool: Error: Pathname is not within a VOB: "." Any ct commands that have to do with listing or manipulating elements must be done with a view set and inside a Merge the directory graphically from the version tree browser: A.

Regds Sakthidharan Vadakeypat Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, Awesomely simple, is creativity Charles Mingus. cleartool: Error: Unable to search for process guards cleartool: Error: Unable to remove hyperlink "hyperlink-id". ? <- cleartool: Error: Operation "rgy_getstring_from_entry" failed: ClearCase object not found. In addition of the various solutions, check if that error persists on different clients, for different users. cleartool> ls [email protected]@\main\13 Rule: \main\LATEST [email protected]@\main\7 Rule: \main\LATEST 2.

If you want to export "/export/home" to the machine called d520n "share -F nfs -o rw=d520n /export/home". Clearcase Remove File cccredmgr(6388): Error: Trouble contacting registry on host "": timed out trying to communicate with ClearCase remote There seems to be an issue with the owner or the groups associated with the Select the VOB to be imported e. How do I - convert a base ClearCase VOB to a UCM Component Scenario: The existing project is using a base ClearCase VOB.

Back to the INDEX. On top of that window you will see a path like: M:\view\vob\[email protected]@\main\4 Note: You will need this path information after the version extended syntax (@@) as this is to be used Protect versioned object base "\\myhost\clearcase_storage\vobs\june2007.vbs"? [no] y Do you wish to protect the pools that appear not to need protection? [no] y cleartool: Error: Trouble protecting versioned object base "\\myhost\clearcase_storage\vobs\june2007.vbs". Back to the INDEX.

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You can use the cleartool find command with the wc (word count) command. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19534538/while-creting-a-view-i-got-this-error-cleartool-error-failed-to-record-hostna THis sounds like a registry error problem (HKEY_LOCALMACHINE ->Software -> Atria (may be under a subfolder). Clearcase Cleartool Command Reference element [eclipsed] Could not find ".\lost+found" in directory hash table. Clearcase Chmod For more information on the cleartool sub-commands used in this technote refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man from command line. 6.

The response I got was that probelm might be due to SAMBA which is not supported by Rational. >We increased the MAX_OPN_FILES of SAMBA to 1024, and still the problem is Check This Out The cause was that the permissions in vob-storage-area/.identity directory were not set properly; most likely due to a restore not preserving the permissions or somebody coming in afterward and changing the Even though the share's permissions were wide open, clearviewtool was still giving permission denied. An internal error occurred during: "Retrieve properties from server". Clearcase Make Element

The relocate command does not work on view-private files and will error out if encountering one when it builds its list. All three of these need to be satisfied before CC has permission to mount a remote VOB. cleartool: Error: More than one version with label of type "label-type. Source This error occurred when attempting to mount a newly created private VOB.

Type manager "text_file_delta" failed create_version operation. This error is independent of CC. Back to the INDEX.

cleartool: Error: checked out version, but could not copy data to "view" in view: Invalid argument This error showed up on a Windows client connecting to a Windows server.

Checkout the file to see the new default in action. Cannot create ... In my case, it was always a case of applying the right fix_prot to the view/vob storage. How do I - apply a trigger to the ClearCase move operation The move operation is not listed in the Operational Keywords for creating triggers.

How do I create a trigger to prevent unreserved checkouts on UNIX and Linux An unreserved checkout does not guarantee the right to create the successor version. Description mdweezer 2008-03-18 13:21:44 UTC Upon checking in a file I receive the following message in an error window: "cleartool: Error: No permission to perform operation "protect". share|improve this answer edited Oct 23 '13 at 7:35 answered Oct 23 '13 at 7:23 VonC 623k18917841872 I have right owner and right ClearCaseUsers. have a peek here Created label "LABEL1" on ".\new folder" version "\main\1".

Have u seen this before ? Start a view, (cleartool startview java_vu) 2. To add additional machines to the export list, just place a colon between machine names "/export/home -access=d520n:rvance". Protect versioned object base "/vobstore01/test_vob.vbs"? [no] yes Do you wish to protect the pools that appear not to need protection? [no] VOB ownership: owner vobadmin group dev Additional groups: group ccadm

Unable to access \\server\path\vob.vbs; Invalid argument. Note: This code can be used to modify the trigger to detect (and potentially allow) this type of checkin. ClearCase Errors F Simple, case-insensitive, site-wide, search (your browser must allow scripts to run): NOTE: There may be more causes for the errors than the ones listed. Cause There are dangling hyperlinks on the element that needs to be deleted Resolving the problem Run a checkvob on the element.

The View Profile Tree is simply a path to where View Profiles are stored and can be anywhere the user chooses.