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Clicking On A Mpeg Creates Page Error

My recording crashed after ten minutes (or after a fixed amount of time). If you are recording with the same fixed region size, your CPU meter will now show some improvements. Try turning down your Hardware Acceleration setting, which is found in Control Panel. Are there any command line options which will permit this?

You should always choose a directory that resides in the drive with the largest free space. or (for v1.6 onwards) the user specified directory The files may be corrupted. C:\Users\[Your Profile Name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Camstudio. What this means is that for an AVI to be effectively converted to a Flash file with maximal compression, your AVI has to satisfy certain characteristics. http://p7p89.rg.ro/j-7

The AppData directory is normally hidden by default in Vista so to make it visible, you go to: Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > select the 'View' tab > When I press the shortcut key to stop the recorder when the program is minimized, the save dialog does not appear. If it is not, you may want to convert it to PCM first using a third party video editor (A good freeware is VirtualDub).

LOL! Stability and Recovery CamStudio does not work as well as in previous sessions. The result ended up being 1.2 gigabytes, so I think we did something wrong?Regards,Doug Helpful (0) Reply options Link to this post first Previous Page 3 of 3 This site contains MPEG Streamclip knows what you want and only the relevant files are highlighted.Choose VTS011.VOB -you don't usually need 1_0 as this is just black padding between the menu and the stuff

In this case, Windows Media Player will shrink the picture to fit it on the screen, which causes the text and graphics to be blurry. How can I optimize the video settings to get the best results ? My Win 2000 system freezes when I record with CamStudio. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/897158 For Windows XP, go to the Control Panel, choose System, (and under the performance tab), choose Graphics : Advanced.

Currently, the SWF Producer performs temporal compression of the AVI file by comparing each frame with its previous frame and storing the difference between them. Can the Producer operate in command line mode? Thanks for trying to help. We've been struggling with this for over a year and can't seem to find the right balance of file size and video type to achieve what we want.

Miscellaneous Can I use the AVI files recorded with CamStudio for commercial purposes ? If it doesn't you will see an error similar to: As a workaround, try to record the audio by changing your input audio to Stereo/Mono Mix/What-U-Hear. What is the Recording Thread Priority option used for? (Options : Program Options : Recording Thread Priority) If you try to record the "Pinball" game that is shipped with some version How can I capture a large window fast enough?

There are many reasons why your movie file may not play. For example, if Capture Frame Every is 5, then the Playback Rate should be 1000/5 = 200 frames per second. I've downloaded it and going to try it to see if it solves my conversion problems I've been having with iSkysoft's iMedia Converter, which doesn't handle conversion to "streaming" files that If so, you may want to try repairing them with a third party AVI editor.

I'm using Windows Vista/Windows 7 why I can't find my videos after CamStudio automatically saves them? You can, however, improve the performance of CamStudio (at the expense of Pinball's) by setting the Recording Thread Priority to Highest or Time Critical. You sent your presentation through e-mail, and your recipient says the movies don't play.    Movies files are always linked and are not part of your presentation. Disabling Hardware Acceleration System Wide Another solution is to disable hardware acceleration for your whole system.To do this on Windows 2000, go to the Control Panel, choose Display : Properties :

The audio recording becomes 'jumpy' or inaudible. DVD players usually require hardware acceleration to run. Encoding is the process of converting data into a stream of ones and zeros.

There are just too many irrelevant frames.

Instead do the following: Right click the Recorder.exe file in C:\Program Files\CamStudio Select Properties > Compatibility Choose Windows XP SP2 from the "Run As" drop down menu (if you already haven't) For example, capture frame every 20 milliseconds but set the playback to 40 frames per second. Performance I record with the default settings of CamStudio and it uses up all my CPU resources. Note: A movie that you play in Office PowerPoint 2007 by using Windows Media Player cannot have animation settings and special timings assigned to it.

How can I prevent this? This means you allocate more CPU resources to CamStudio by making its priority higher.Setting this option may also affect the performance of your whole system. In the Object type list, click Create from file, and then enter the name of the movie file or click Browse. Otherwise you may need to use the Movie Player software that is distributed with the CamStudio package to playback the movie.