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CPI Communications on Win32 and 32-bit API Client Platforms Operating Environment Conformance Classes Supported Languages Supported CPI-C Communications Use of Environment Variables Pseudonym Files Defining Side Information User-Defined Side Information Program-Defined When conversation_security_type is any value other than cm_security_program (or xc_security_program), this parameter is ignored. We created a CPICClassic5 class that extends (Java's term for inheritance) the CPIC class and added the new actions to the CPICClassic5 class. More importantly, we have shown that Java needn't be considered an IP-only tool.

For a REXX program to issue these calls, it must do the following: Use the REXX array capability to create the structure. CICS EXCI subreason 2 code: %4. Record the message number and the message text. User Response: Make sure that the referenced DLL is the correct DLL to be loaded. http://www.ibm.com/software/network/commserver/windows/library/cpic85.htm

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Record the message number and the message text. However, it logs allocation failures only when the cause is a session activation failure. CSO7510E An error was encountered while committing the database resources. Set_Sync_Level (CMSSL) Communications Manager supports the following synchronization levels: cm_none cm_confirm If the program specifies other values (than those listed above) on the sync_level variable, Communications Manager rejects the Set_Sync_Level call

Completion Code %3. IMS 4 Customers running IMS have a variety of computer hardware and network configurations installed, typically employing IMS as a repository for information. The resulting TP name is not valid, and the partner LU for the conversation rejects the allocation request. Thus, there is a limit on the number of sessions that can be intialized under each connection name.

IMS 34 IMS Connect API Provides simplified API to build roll-your-own IMS Connect client application to invoke IMS transactions from Java and C environments Shields users from IMS Connect protocol (IRM, User Response: Examine the exception information to determine a reason why a socket call from the gateway failed. CSO7016E An error occurred while trying to open file %1. Messages 7 3.

We conducted an experiment to determine Java's impact on network performance. If a TP name for an incoming conversation has not been configured in Communications Manager, there are cases where Communications Manager will dynamically define the TP characteristics when using the above Explanation: On OS/2, • An error was encountered while calling the Client Access/400 cwbRC_CrtPgm() API. Refer to the VisualAge Generator Installation Guide document for further instructions on how to report possible defects to the IBM Support Center.

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Running applications with client/server communications support . . 431 CSOTRACE.OUT file 431 Diagnosing run-time problems 432 Diagnosing Windows problems .... 432 Diagnosing AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris problems 432 Diagnosing CICS for http://www.slideshare.net/IBMIMS/calling-out-from-ims-applications-methods-and-best-practices Embed Size (px) Start on Show related SlideShares at end WordPress Shortcode Link Calling out from IMS Applications: Methods and Best Practices - IMS UG July 2013 NYC 1,486 views Consumer Price Index C Each element of the array must consist of the array name and the side_info_entry field name as the array element name. Cpi Combined Conversely, REXX programs can specify array elements that are longer than the corresponding side_info_entry field lengths.

The duration that a call waits for an inbound allocation request is configured on the TP definition, using the receive_allocate_timeout parameter. Explanation: An error was returned from a CICS External Call Interface (ECI) function call when attempting to call a remote server program. CS07654E An error was encountered calling program %1 using the CICS ECI. The programmer need only declare one CPIC object per class. Cpi Calculator

The reason is simple: Applets are not permitted to make native calls. ("delete *.*" is a native call-do you want arbitrary applets issuing that?) However, in an intranet, certain applets will CMINIT RC = %3. Communications Manager provides calls to update the internal side information and one to extract it. Ending a REXX Program For Communications Manager to know when a REXX program ends, the OS/2 session in which the CMD.EXE program is running must end.

Required files not found on system %1. Explanation: On OS/2 and Windows, • An error was encountered while loading the Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The second reason to use objects is to encapsulate constants within the objects that understand those constants-a standard information-hiding technique.
// Return Code
CPICReturnCode cpic_return_code =
new CPICReturnCode(CPICReturnCode.CM_OK);

The return code is the CICS return code.

Return Codes and Secondary Information Return Codes Secondary Information Application-Oriented Information CPI Communications-Defined Information CRM-Specific Secondary Information Implementation-Related Information Appendix C. Return code values are associated with symbols in the CICS ECI include files faaecih.h or cics_eci.h. Errors in VisualAge visual parts 457 Incorrect connection order 457 Missing or extraneous connections .... 457 Index 459 IV VisualAge Generator: Messages and Problem Determination Guide Notices References in this publication IBM may have patents or pending patent applications covering subject matter in this document.

Communications Manager creates an error log entry for error information sent by the partner program. If Communications Manager is not active when the program issues the Initialize_Conversation or Accept_Conversation call, the CM_PRODUCT_SPECIFIC_ERROR return code is returned on the call but no error is logged. Diagnosing IMS 28 Synchronous Callout Flow IMS IMS App1 z/OS z/OS, zLinux, Win, AIX etc.. CICS EXCI subreason 2 code: %4.

CICS EXCI reason code: %2. Return code: -7 (ECI_ERR_TRANSACTION_ ABEND). Such a definition is narrow-minded: networking protocols are rather arcane subjects, left to the domain of a few computer bit-heads; the average computer user doesn't care about how packets are shipped These causes are in addition to those described in Appendix B, "Return Codes and Secondary Information." In Communications Server, cm_program_parameter_check return codes usually cause additional information to be written to the

REXX programs can specify array elements that are shorter than the corresponding field lengths--elements having the same length as the character string they contain.